Guild Charter

Article I: Name
The name of this Guild shall be Lost Legion.
In keeping with the poem by Rudyard Kipling we strive to be
the best, the strongest, and most steadfast protectors of our fellows.

Article II : Purpose
The purpose of this Guild shall be to cultivate and maintain
friendship, education, and exploration upon which Norrath was founded.
It is our goal to offer help and kinship to Norrathians and Lucliners,
to provide a home for those who enjoy being part of a Guild
with a sense of comraderie and family.

Article III : Membership
The members of this Guild shall be Norrathians and Lucliners
males/females, all races and all classes who have been
accepted and duly initiated into the Guild.

Article IV : Organization
The Guild shall be a democracy.
The Guildleader shall be only the Senior Officer of the Guild.
The Guild Officers shall select appropriate members to fulfill the
duties that will optimize the performance of the Guild.
Guildmembers, each of whom shall have one vote,
shall vote on the selections for the following duties
from among the Guild’s Officers:

Events Coordinator-
His/her duty shall be to organize Guild events.
The Events co-ordinator shall have assistants as necessary.
The Events co-ordinator shall accept ideas for Raids
from Guild members, in keeping with the needs
and wishes of the Guild as a whole.

His/her duty shall be to organize all the Guild items and money.
There shall be Keepers asigned to hold research items,
These being Officers or members in good standing
who have been faithful to the Guild.

Recruit Coordinator-
His/her duty shall be to inform the Guild of all new applicants,
and inform the applicant if He/she is granted admission to the Guild.
The Guild Officers shall be assistants as necessary to cover
time zones for the purpose of in-guilding applicants.

Article V : Recruitment
The Recruit Coordinator shall administrate all applications to the Guild.
All applicants must have the recommendation of at least 2 Guild members.
Each applicants membership information shall be posted to Guild website.
There shall be a thirty day initiates period during which
Guild members are expected to group with new recruits
in order to welcome them into the Guild.

Article VI : Treasury
The Treasurer shall organize all Guild items and monies.
The Treasurer shall maintain a current stock list of the treasury and
forward the updated list monthly for inclusion on the Guild website.

The Guild shall use the treasury if:
Items are necessary for portal entry for Guild Raids, etc.
Any Guild member wishes to donate an item to the Guild for re-distribution
to other members. (e.g. Armour, Weapons, Spell components)

Article VII : Events
The Events Coordinator shall inform all members about upcoming events.
Compile a list of those planning to participate for use by Raid Leader.

Article VIII : Grouping
When choosing group members Legionnaires shall be given
due consideration and favored above others where feasible.

Article IX : Guild Meetings
The Guild Officers shall meet at least once per RL month to discuss matters arising.
All Guild members shall be informed in advance of the date and time for each meeting.
All Guild Officers are expected to attend each of these meetings if at all possible.
Highlights of each Guild meeting shall be made available for viewing
on the Guild website, along with topics to be discussed
at the next meeting.

Article X : Items
It is appreciated for Guild members to offer excess items
to the Guild or fellow members before passing them on to others.
A short list of Guild members wishing to use an item will be made
on a case-by-case basis. The Treasurer/Loot Master will
alpha-random to decide who is awarded the item
where the choice is not an obvious one.